AK3600 sausage filling machine



AK3600 sausage filling machine

This is a high-precision sausage filling machine, can be high quality sausage.

The sales volume of this machine is relatively small. Most customers choose AK3200 sausage filling machine which is more complete and more cost-effective.

However, it has a higher precision and internal temperature is not easy to rise, better than the AK3200 filling machine.At this time you can consider the use of AK6200 Sausage filling machine, it has more advantages.

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sausage filling machine

Filling machine structure

It consists of frame, filling servo control system, twisting servo control system, vacuum control system, meat pump, electrical box, meat buggier, etc.

vacuum system

The vacuum system is mainly composed of: vacuum pump, filling valve, digital vacuum detector (meter), vacuum pipe, vacuum storage tank, etc. The main purpose of the system is to vacuum feed and remove some bubbles in the material.

Working principle

using vane pump filling, the raw material is pushed out to the filling pipe by the vane rotating in the vacuum state to complete the filling.

Video – AK 3600 sausage filling machine its combination

Vacuum sausage filling machine features

  1. Filling up pump body system, impeller,  Blade are using specialized high temperature treatment, the surface is easy to clean and the parts are easy to replace.
  2. The operation of the machine is simple, as you can set this on the touchscreen.
  3. Engine, reducer, vacuum pump, electric components and so on assume the most stable brand in the world to ensure the quality of kit.
  4. Important parts are produced more than the industry’s greatest requirements to ensure accuracy and stability of the machine.
  5. The filling machine is quite simple to clean both outside and inside by water gun. Inside with waterproof, anti – mouse button, anti – cockroach and also other individual structure.
  6. The sausage filler could be built with automatic linker device, which can automatically process natural casing, protein casing, and complex membrane sausage casing.
  7. Stuffing under vacuum, reduce the quantity of bacteria, prevent material proteolysis, in order to increase the quality of sausage color, taste, shelf life and other areas.
  8. The machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel. The filling acceleration is 0~500 knots/min, it can take length control device to create sausage with uniform size.
  9. Automatic weight control range from 5 to 99999g, normal fluid-like raw material error does not exceed 2g (500g), block products (maximum diameter less than 30mm) does not exceed 5g (500g).
  10. Use sandblasting to treat the surface, which will be better looking and easy to clean.

Filler parameter

NAME AK3600 AK3600N
Power 5.8KW 8.8KW
voltage 380V 380V
Capacity 3600kg/h 3600kg/h
Volume 220 L 220 L
Vacuum -0.1 MPa -0.1 MPa
Weight 920kg 970 kg
Extemal Diameter 1650*1250*1810mm 2385*1250*181000mm