Pork Meat recipe (2)

Ingredients: 40 kg of selected pork, 0.2 kg of loose meat powder, 2 kg of water, 1 kg of sauce, 0.02 kg of red yeast rice, 3 kg of honey sauce.

Selected 338 cases of meat products

Add sauce preparation for pork roast: 2 servings of sugar, 2 parts of MSG, 3 parts of salt, 1 part of column sauce, 1 part of seafood sauce, 2 parts of sesame sauce, 1 part of peanut butter, 2 parts of chicken essence, 0.2 parts of sand ginger powder, spiced 0.2 parts of powder, 0.2 parts of oyster sauce, and 0.6 parts of bean curd.

The honey juice formula: 2 parts of water, 15 parts of sugar, citric acid 0. 02 parts.

System of law:

(1) Material selection: Fresh and high-quality pork with good health, fat and thinness and proper sanitation is used as raw material. (2) Ingredients: The preparation of the pork roast is added in proportion to the sauce, and the honey sauce is blended into a porridge that can be used for hanging spoons.

(3) Mixing: Cut the meat into 100~150mm and 30mm in width. Add the loose meat powder and water and mix it evenly for half an hour. Add the prepared pork with the sauce and mix well. Place the taste for 2 to 6 hours.

(4) Charcoal roasting: Take out the marinated meat strips, use red koji to color and then use bamboo sticks to string, and then bake for half an hour with charcoal fire, then bake for 10 minutes with medium heat and low heat.

(5) Hanging juice: After the oven is baked, the honey juice is hanged on the surface of the skewer.