Modified German sausage twister



This is a  German sausage twister and is a popular sausage production machine.The output is 300 knots/minute.

two sausage machine

But since the advent of sausage knotting machine, this equipment has been eliminated.This is the German sausage filler and our sausage knotting machine.The output is 800 knots/minute,more than doubled production efficiency, 3 people.And we save the cost of casings, saving about 0.3 meters in 1 metersausage twister

This is a two sausage machine and the speed is 1600 knots per minute. Is this speed scary?Faster production, less equipment investment, less labor,Who would not want it?

 sausage knotting machine

Note: The main advantage is that the quality is very good and the price is very cheap.