Jewish sausage recipe

  1. Recipe(50kg meat)
Chinese Name English Name Weight Percentage
肥牛肉 fatty cuts of beef 50kg 99.0943%
白糖 white sugar 200g 0.3964%
胡椒粉 pepper 100g 0.1982%
桂皮粉 Cinnamon powder 25g 0.0495%
肉果份 Sarcocarp powder 80g 0.1586%
精盐 Salt 2g 0.0040%
砂仁粉 Amomun fruit powder 25g 0.0495%
硝酸钠 Sodium nitrate 25g 0.0495%

Jewish sausage

  1. Process flow

After the first health inspection qualified beef meat, bone, tendons, remove oil dirt cattle meat. Stir well with salt and sodium nitrate, and put in the pickled room for 4~7 days to make the raw beef red.

Minced 50% beef with a 0.2mm meat mincer, minced another 50% beef with a 0.7mm meat mincer.

Cut the beef into 0.8cm pork, add appropriate amount of water, add ingredients to stir, and has a certain viscosity, filler filled inside the casing. The sausage knot, put in the oven and bake 2h, boil the boiler under the boiler for 1h, and hang out again into the smoked 2~4h of the smoked furnace, that is, the finished product.