Harbin sausage production process recipe


Pork lean 40kg


Fat meat 10kg


starch 3.5kg


salt 1750~2000g


MSG 50g


pepper 50g


garlic 250g


Sodium nitrate 25g


2. Process flow
Meat selection, processing, pickling, stuffing, filling, baking, cooking, smoking

3 operating points
(1) Selection of meat, processing Select fine meat cut into 100 ~ 150g weight diamond without Meridian and fat.
(2) Marinated. At 2~3°C, pickled for about 2 days, the marinated meat is cut bright red, and the fattened meat is salted for 3 to 5 days to make the fat hard and soft. After cutting, the color of the table is consistent.213f70
(3) making stuffing and filling(Vaccum filling machine). The fattened meat is cut into approximately 1cm cubes, and the marinated meat is loaded into a meat grinder tutorial. First put the fine meat filling into the sausage stuffing machine, add 2.5~3.5kg of water, and then put into the chopped or ground garlic bits and other seasonings. Stir well and add 2.5kg of water to stir. Then use 6 ~ 6.5kg of water to dilute the starch, slowly into, and then put into the fat and stir evenly to dilute, length 20cm, diameter 3 out, with the pig, cow small intestine irrigation system.
(4) baking. The market body was dried with a hardwood stick for about 1 hour. The meat had a ruddy color and no stickiness.
(5) cooking. Water temperature before the pot to reach 95 °C or more, the pot after the water temperature to maintain 85 degrees Celsius, cook about 25min, pinch the intestine body by hand very hard, elastic enough, you can pan.
(6) Smoke. After being cooked by the intestines, it will not only increase the aroma and appearance but also play a role in preservation by smoking. Intracranial temperature 35 ~ 40 degrees Celsius, smoked about 12h baked.