Grilled Fresh Beef

Ingredients: fresh beef 45 kg, salt 0.55 kg, edible oil 7.5 kg, water 20 kg, rice wine 0.125 kg, chili powder 1 kg, pepper powder 0.2 kg, edible sugar 3 kg, MSG 0.15 kg, natural spice 0. 125 kg, Ginger (powder) 1 kg, 1 kg of sesame.

Grilled Fresh Beef

System of law:

(1) Select fresh beef, remove the ribs, skin and oil and cut into pieces of 12 cm x 12 cm.

(2) Add the cut beef pieces to the salt of 1% of the beef quality, without any other ingredients, marinate for 1-2 hours, and mix well when marinated.

(3) The marinated beef pieces are placed in a steamer and steamed. The steaming time is 40 to 60 minutes after steaming, and the beef pieces must be steamed until cooked.

(4) After steaming, it is naturally cooled, and the beef pieces are cut into pieces of 6 to 8 mm thick and further cut into small strips of 4 to 6 cm in length.

(5) After cutting, put it in hot cooking oil and fry until golden brown.

(6) Take the cooking oil and pour the heat in the pot. Add 1 kg of ginger (powder) in the life. After frying the water of the ginger, add the pepper powder. After the fried, add the chili powder, add the water, boil, and fry. Put the good beef into the pot, add the rice wine, salt, sugar, boil over the fire, use the medium heat to fry, then use the simmer to collect the juice, the juice time is 1 ~ 2 hours, until the water is completely dried.

(7) All the water is collected and dried. After only the oil juice is left, add the fried sesame, monosodium glutamate and natural spices. Mix well and then pan.

(8) Put the beef after the pot into the container, and sterilize it and heat it.

(9) Vacuum-package the sterilized beef to obtain the finished roast beef.

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