Grading of beef

Beef is usually graded according to the degree of muscle development, often divided into four. The muscles are particularly developed, the whole body bones are not prominent, and the subcutaneous fat consists of shoulder blades. As a sausage manufacturer, this is the basic knowledge that must be known.

(1) Special meat
The entire body is covered with ischial bone, and invisible sarcolemma is allowed on the thigh, and the fatty pattern is apparent on the cross section of the meat.
The muscles are well developed and the bones are not exposed. Subcutaneous fat from shoulder to shoulder

(2) Excellent meatbeef
The ischium covers the entire body, and in the thighs and ribs, invisible sarcolemma is allowed. There are fatty lines on the cut surface. Moderate muscle development, spine, hip and ischial tubercles

(3) Excellent secondary meat
Insignificantly, the eighth rib nodule was covered with subcutaneous fat on the buttocks, and muscles appeared. There was a small fat layer on the neck, shoulder, ankle, front rib, and back leg. Extensive sarcolemma is allowed.

(4) Ordinary muscles have poor muscle development, prominent vertebrae, prominent ischial and hip bone nodules, and only a small area of ​​fat from the eighth rib to the ischium.

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