freeze-dried pork

Ingredients: 100 grams of fresh pork, 7.5 grams of white sugar, 4 grams of soy sauce, 1 gram of white wine, 2 grams of salt, 0.1 grams of pepper, 0.1 grams of star anise, 0.1 grams of cinnamon, 0.1 grams of red yeast rice.


System of law:

(1) Material selection: Fresh pork with good health, thinness and appropriateness, and good sanitary condition is selected as the raw material. The raw material itself is required to have good elasticity, large water holding capacity, no blood stasis, blood broken bone and other malignant impurities.

(2) Cooking: Meat strips cut to a length of 150 mm and a width of 30 mm are added to various seasonings for cooking. (3) Lyophilization: The cooked pork roast was frozen at -25 C for 2 hours, and then the drying temperature was controlled to be 7 hours or less for 7 hours.

(4) Packing: Weigh, seal, package and store the freeze-dried pork.

Recommended equipment: