Fragrant Roast Beef

Ingredients: 100 kg of selected beef, 5 kg of excipients, 5 kg of big bone soup, 2. 5 kg of green pepper oil, 12 kg of salt, 10 kg of salt, 10 kg of sugar, 1.2 kg of MSG, 2.5 kg of pepper, 2 kg of rice wine, 5 kg of white wine , the quality of the fragrance liquid 5 kg.

The quality of the flavoring liquid formula: 1 kg of pepper, 4 kg of cumin, 3 kg of yam, 0.5 kg of cassia, 0.5 kg of Artemisia annua, 1 kg of clove, 10 kg of ginger, 1 kg of Shichangpu, 2 kg of octagonal, grass fruit 1 kg, 1 kg of wind medicine. ,

Big bone soup formula: 10 kg of bovine boiled bone, 50 kg of water, 1 kg of onion, 1 kg of ginger, 2 kg of salt.

Green pepper oil formula: salad oil 20 kg, green pepper powder 5 kg.

Fragrant Roast Beef

System of law:

(1) Selected Slices: Select the oxen of the oxen, remove the fascia and oyster sauce from the meat; follow the pattern of the meat

The road is cut into strips with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 cm.

(2) Prepare the marinated auxiliary materials: pulverize and mix the components of the flavoring fragrance liquid separately, then soak them in 150 kg of water for 30 minutes, then boil them to boiling, then simmer for 30 minutes with simmer, filter and collect the boiling liquid. Then, add the filter residue to 120 kg of water to boil, boil and simmer for 25 minutes with simmer, filter to collect the decoction; then add the filter residue to 90 kg of water to boil, boil and simmer for 20 minutes. The decoction liquid is collected by filtration; then the decoction liquid is combined for 3 times, and allowed to stand for 12 hours. Finally, the decoction liquid is concentrated to 60 kg to obtain a flavored fragrance liquid; according to the formula, salt, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, pepper, rice wine, white wine are taken according to the formula. The quality and fragrance liquid is thoroughly mixed and mixed to obtain an auxiliary material.

(3) Prepare the big bone soup: Take the bovine boiled bone, hammer it and simmer on the fire until it gives off the scent, then put it in a large pot filled with water, stir it with a fire, remove the foam, then put the onion, ginger Salt, boil for 200 ~ 250 minutes with a slight fire, and take the liquid to get the big bone soup.

(4) Pickling: Mix the ingredients and big bone soup at 10 ~ 20C according to the formula, then put them into the cut meat strips, then put them in a vacuum tumbler for 40 minutes, evenly rolling. Then, it is marinated in a marinade; the temperature of the marina is controlled at 0 ~ 8C, and the curing time is 15 ~ 16 hours.

(5) Baking: Then, the marinated meat strips are evenly and without overlapping placed in a mesh stainless steel dish, placed in a baking cabinet with a temperature of 100 ~ 130C, and baked for 1.5 to 2 hours until the surface of the meat strip Discoloration without moisture.

(6) Take shape: according to the muscle texture of the meat strip, cut into 10 cm, 4~5 cm wide, 0.5~0.8 cm thick piece of meat; after taking the shape, the new cut surface is baked twice, the temperature is 100 ~ 125C, roast until the surface of the strip is discolored without moisture.

(7) Cooking: After boiling the cooking water, the roasted meat pieces are placed in a steaming pan, and the meat is covered with a sterile white cloth and fumigation is carried out for 30 minutes.

(8) Trick: Add the 2.5% green pepper oil to the cooked meat pieces according to the weight ratio, and mix well to obtain the fragrant original roast beef; Burn to smoke without bubbles, let stand to cool to 110 ~ 120C, then put the green pepper powder, continue to stir until the pepper oil reaches 100C, after standing and cooling, filter to remove the residue.

(9) Packaging sterilization: Weigh the seasoned roast beef, then pack it into a sterilized edible packaging bag, vacuum seal it, and then sterilize it at 121 ° constant temperature and constant pressure for 25 minutes, then cool and pack it into the warehouse. Made of fragrant roast beef.

The machine you need:Cooking machine, Baking house, Drying house, more info.