Cumin flavor barbecue

Ingredients: 1000g of beef, 10~30g of cumin powder, 6~10g of salt, 6~10g of MSG, 10~16g of honey, 10~16g of chili oil, 10~16g of edible oil, 10~16 of onion Gram, salt and pepper 10~16g, thirteen incense 6~10g, fennel powder 5~10g.

cumin flavor barbecue

System of law:

(1) Cut the beef into diced, and put the onion, cumin powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, honey, chili oil, edible oil according to the prescribed ratio, and then add the seasoning ingredients such as salt and pepper, thirteen incense, etc. Marinate for 6 to 48 hours (preferably marinated in a freezer).

(2) Put the marinated beef into thin bamboo strips (five or six pieces of diced meat per string) and put them in the refrigerator for free use.

(3) When grilling, place the beef skewers in the grill (available – – charcoal grill, electric oven, steam oven or alcohol oven) – – turn over the grilled – side and then sprinkle. (or) fennel powder, turn over a few times and cook well.

(4) Before processing, the meat pieces can be pre-prepared with foaming powder (may not be pretreated, depending on the type of meat or meat quality).

Meat machine you need: meat dicer, meat cooking huose,