Corn Hot Dog Formula

First, the process:Principle Processing – Ground Meat – Mixing – Filling – Sterilization – Packaging
Second, the formula:
Pork: 8%, chicken minced meat: 27.3%, chicken skin: 10%, ice water: 25.01%, protein isolate: 1.5%, carrageenan: 0.7%, corn starch: 4%, tapioca starch: 5%, salt: 1.55 %, nitrous acid: 0.003%, monosodium glutamate: 0.2%, potassium sorbate: 0.0075%, Vc-Na: 0.05%, sugar: 2.8%, ginger powder: 0.05%, pepper: 0.03%, corn grain: 13.5%, Sweet corn flavor: 0.3%timg[6]
Third, the process description
a, select the raw meat: the pork, chicken Ф 25mm orifice plate;
b. Soaking and emulsifying: Soak collagen fibers and separate proteins with 14kg ice water, add chicken skins, and mix them in a dipping machine to dilute thick and evenly and reserve;
c. Mixing: In order, add meat-soaked emulsion-preserved preparations-flavorings-spices-egg powder-pigment-starch, mix until thick, shiny, and add corn kernels at the temperature of 8°C-12 Between °C;
d, irrigation: the use of pig casings (or protein casing) irrigation, semi-finished products 40-50g; e, curing: dry: 60 °C, 20 minutes; cooking: 80 °C, 40 minutes; smoke: 65 °C, 10 minutes;
f, cooling packaging: After cooling, the intestines are full and packed with a continuous packaging machine; g, secondary sterilization: 115 °C, 10 minutes, pressure 0.2-0.25Mpa.

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