Medium-sized complete sausage processing machine recommended

There are more than 200 varieties of enema meat products in China. Different types of sausages have different preferences in terms of processing methods, formulas and flavors due to the geographical climate characteristics and the different dietary preferences of residents in different regions. These differences are in the equipment. There is also a difference.
Different types of sausages require different equipment, but some of them can be used to produce different kinds of enema meat products, such as meat grinders, dicing machines, stuffing machines, sausage filling machines and other equipment.
So if we are going to produce enema meat products, how should we choose equipment? Usually we choose equipment to refer to several data: capacity requirements within a certain time range, product process flow and specific details of each process flow.
The equipment needed for Taiwan sausage is: meat grinder, chopping machine, vacuum mixing machine, sausage filling machine, cable tying machine, steaming furnace, vacuum packaging machine, etc. The pictures and parameters shown below are a set of medium sausage equipment for reference:

Type 100 meat grinder – sausage raw meat processing equipment

Production capacity: 400-600kg/h

Power: 5.5kw

Cutter diameter: 100mm
Host size: 950*550*1050mm

Host weight: 300kg


125 sausage chopping machine – meat emulsion equipment

Shabu pot volume: 125L

Knife speed: two speed

Dimensions: 2160*1370*1350
Discharge plate speed: 83

Total power: 25.25kw

Reference feeding amount: 60kg/time

vacuum bowl cutter

650sausage  mixing machine – sausage filling mixing equipment

Hopper volume: 650L

Reference feeding amount: 500kg/time

Stirring speed: 42 rev / min
Total power: 6kw

Dimensions 1600*1100*1400mm

Host weight 730kg

sausage filling machine – sausage molding machine

Hopper volume 6L

Power 1.1kw

Host weight 500kg
Direct irrigation capacity: 700kg/h

Dimensions: 1050*700*1680mm

Double pipe automatic cable tying machine – sausage knotting equipment

Suitable for intestinal body diameter Ф9~28mm, single segment length 10mm~300mm
Working power 220V50HZ, production capacity: about 100~500 knots/min
Dimensions 1100 x 850 x 1250, weight 280kg, total power 4KW


500 steaming stove – sausage cooking, baking equipment

Reference feeding amount 500kg/furnace, total power 11kw, frame size 1030*1000*1840mm
The number of vehicles is 2, the steam consumption is 46.5kg/h, and the low pressure steam pressure is 0.1-0.2mpa.

800 vacuum packaging machine – sausage packaging equipment

Sealing length 800mm, vacuum chamber size 920*780*220, sealing width 10mm
, power 5kw, packaging capacity 2-4 times, seal spacing 650mm, weight 500kg.

This is the main equipment and output of medium-sized sausage making machine.