Beef varieties

There are also many beef sausages, so we need to know some basic knowledge of beef. This will better match sausage making machine.

Beef is a kind of edible animal meat that Westerners like. In recent years, it has also developed greatly in China, becoming the second largest producer of beef after the United States. The province with the most beef production in China is Henan, followed by Shandong, Hebei, Jilin, Anhui, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Sichuan and Xinjiang. At present, China’s most widely distributed beef cattle breeds are mainly cattle, which are raised in all provinces, followed by buffaloes.

beef 1. The breed of beef cattle
Cattle in China are the most reared cattle breeds.
(1) Cattle
With years shows excellent meat properties. They can be roughly divided into Mongolian cattle, North China cattle, and South China cattle. Mongolian cattle are cows in the Inner Mongolia Plateau; North China cattle are divided into northeastern and mountainous regions by region. , Henan, Guanzhong and many other types; South China cattle is mainly two Guangdong and Guangdong cattle. Because of the different natural conditions in the place of origin, there are differences in body shape and performance. The color of the coat is mainly yellow, but also light red, brown, black and other colors.

Mongolian type cattle.
Good quality, high physique, 58% ~ 65% out of the majority of the tan, there are some pure black, black and white, variegated. Thicker skin, less elasticity, rough hair, common Uzhumu Niu and Sanhe cattle. Ukrainian cattle are characterized by “five short and one long”: the neck, short limbs, and long drive. The Ukrainian cow has a good shape, strong physique, plump muscles, and plump flesh. Sanhe Cattle is large in size, resistant to cold, adapts to rough feeding, has strong foraging ability, grows fast, and has a meat seller.

North China type cattle.
Produced in the plains of the Yellow River Liucheng and the Northeast, it is the main breed of beef cattle. They are usually divided into Qinchuan cattle, Nanyang cattle, Luxi cattle, Jinnan cattle, and Yanbian cattle by region. They are the best five varieties of beef produced by Chinese cattle, especially Qinchuan cattle, and some of their slaughter indicators, such as The slaughter rate and net meat rate have approached or exceeded the famous beef breeds.

(2) Buffaloes.
Buffalo is the beef cattle breed in China that is second only to yellow cattle. The number of buffalo in China is second only to India and ranks second in the world. Compared with the same type of buffalo in the world, China Buffalo is a medium-sized cow, suitable for rough feeding, lower cost, more lean meat in the carcass, less fat, slaughtered at a body weight of 400kg, and good meat quality. China’s local breeds of buffalo mainly include Shanghai buffalo, Jiangsu Haizi buffalo, Hubei Hanjiang buffalo, Hunan lake buffalo, Jiangxi Poyang Lake buffalo, Anhui Dong buffalo and Sichuan Fuling buffalo. Most of the buffaloes are dark gray or light gray in color. The meat is darker than the yellow cattle, and the fat stars are white. The meat is thick and old and lacks the flavor after cooking.

(3) Yak.
Yak cattle, also known as Tibetan cattle, is mainly produced in Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, and other provinces and autonomous regions centered on the Tibetan Plateau, known as the “boat of the plateau.” China is the country with the largest number of cattle in the world, accounting for 85% of the world’s total. The good performance of yak meat, net meat ratio, ratio of bone to flesh 1:5.5, eye muscle area 89cm?. Deep and bright red color of meat, high protein content 22%, lipid defense less than 5%,

(4) Yak.
Yak is the first hybrid cattle cultivated in China using yellow cattle and yaks. Among them, true yak meat beef bred with male yak and female yak are best; and false yak meat with male yak and mother yak is poor. The yak’s meat rate is between the parents.

(5) Other varieties

1) Simmental. It is a large-scale milk-and-milk cow, with yellow-and-white-flowered flowers or pink flowers, and curls on the forehead and upper neck.

2) Grassland Red Bull is mainly produced in Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Hebei and other places. It is purple or red, and has a small physical size. After slaughtering in Inner Mongolia, the slaughter rate is 54% and net meat is 45%. In Liaoning, it is 58%. And 50%.

3) Xinjiang Brown Cow
It is mainly produced in the northern foothills of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. It is located in the northern and southern parts of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. Its coat color is dark brown. The slaughter rate is about 50%, and the net meat rate is about 40%.
Is the oldest early-maturing medium beef breed in the UK, with a strong coat

4) Heyford cattle
Different shades of red, smaller body, slender skeleton, with a typical body shape. In the northeastern region, the slaughter rate can reach 67%, and the net meat rate is 60%. The fat is mainly deposited in the internal organs. There is less fat in the subcutaneous connective tissue and muscles, and the meat is tender and juicy.

5) Charolais cattle
Charolais originated in France, white or white coat, and some are creamy white. Its greatest feature is its rapid growth. Angus, meat shorthorn, Limousin and other beef cattle were imported from abroad.