AK6200N sausage stuffer machine



AK6200N Sausage Stuffer Video

This video describes in detail the production process of pig casing sausage and protein casing sausage by AK6200 sausage filler (with kinking function).

This machine can produce 200~500 sausages per minute. Properly speaking, when the sausage is less than 20, the efficiency of the machine is 500 knots per minute, when the sausage is 30 grams, the speed is about 280 knots per minute, more than 40 grams, the speed is about 200 knots per minute

AK 6200 sausage stuffer

In the food processing industry, it can fill all kinds of sausage, ham sausage, hamburger patties, meatballs, but also can fill butter, ultra-light clay or butter-like liquid products.

It is the most powerful sausage filler machine with the most stable performance and the highest effect. Even filling a 10cm diameter ham sausage can ensure that there are no extra bubbles inside. It is also the only  machine that can fill Super Light Clay

Sausage Casings

Suitable for protein casings, animal casings, plastic casings, etc.

AK6200 Sausage Stuffer advantages and features

  1. The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The surface is sandblasted, which is more convenient for cleaning and has a beautiful appearance.
  2. Can be set in the vacuum filling, reduce the amount of bacteria survival, air bubbles, and avoid raw material proteolysis, so as to maximize the sausage color, taste, shelf life and other aspects of the quality can be the best.
  3. The stuffer can be equipped with automatic linker device, which can automatically twist natural casing, protein casing, and complex membrane sausage casing. The filling speed is 0~500 knots/min, it can take length control device to make sausage with uniform length.

    sausage linker

  4. Automatic weight control range from 5 to 99999g, normal fluid-like raw material error does not exceed 2g (500g), block products (maximum diameter less than 30mm) does not exceed 5g (500g).
  5. Important parts are manufactured in excess of the industry’s highest standards to ensure accuracy and stability of the machine. Motor, reducer, vacuum pump, electrical components and so on adopt the most stable brand in the world to ensure the quality of equipment.
  6. Filling pump body, impeller, blade are using special heat treatment, the surface is extremely smooth, wear resistance, and easy to replace, to ensure the accuracy of the machine.
  7. The stuffer is very easy to clean both inside and outside, and can be washed directly with high pressure water gun.Inside with waterproof, anti – mouse, anti – cockroach and other human structure.
  8. The operation of the machine is very simple, because you can set it directly on the touch screen, just as convenient as using a mobile phone.

Other ways of using – AK6200 stuffer machine

sausage tying machine

Filler + sausage tying machine

Sausage twisting machine. Sausage stuffer + twisting machine + hanger. The production efficiency: 500~1200 knots/min. It has the advantage of automatically hanging sausages

Hot! Automatic Sausage tying machine。Filler + sausage tractor + sausage tying machine. The production efficiency: 400~800 knots/min or 800~1600 or 1600~2400. It has many advantages, high efficiency, cost saving, is the most popular sausage making machine.

Sausage clipper. Special for ham sausage shaping.

sausage cliper

sausage filler + cliper machine

Filling machine + customized molding device. Produce hamburger patties, butter, super light clay, etc.

Sausage stuffer parameter

Accuracy:meat paste ±2g/500g , diced products ±5g/500g

NAME AK6200 AK6200N
Power 7.5KW 9KW
voltage 380V 380V
Capacity 6200kg/h 6200kg/h
Volume 250 L 250 L
Vacuum -0.1 MPa -0.1 MPa
Weight 1330kg 1360 kg
Extemal Diameter 2300*1400*1950mm 2500*1400*1950mm

AK6200N is the AK 6200 sausage stuffer with linker function

Note: sausage stuffer machine  alias sausage filler, sausage filling machine, Electric power drive, commercial, industrial use for sales

suasage making machine