AK6200 sausage filling machine



  • 6200sausage filling machine



AK6200 sausage filling machine USES:

This machine is specially used for filling food, dividing and twisting in food industry.Suitable for filling all kinds of ham and ham sausage related products, the installation of  twisting mechanism can be poured into table baking, intimate sausage, natural casing products.

It can be equipped with high-speed fixed-length controller and automatic sausage hanging machine.

AK6200 sausage filling machine configuration

The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, filling valve, digital vacuum detector (table), vacuum pipe line, vacuum storage tank, etc. The main purpose of the system is to empty the material and remove some air bubbles.

Filling servo control system and twisting servo control system

Filling servo control system mainly consists of: servo motor, servo amplifier, reducer, servo transformer.

The twisting servo control system consists of servo motor, servo amplifier and servo transformer.

The meat pump is mainly composed of: pump shaft, impeller, blade and CAM.The main purpose is to control material discharging .

By using vane pump filling, the material is rotated and pushed out by vane in vacuum state to complete filling.Control the rotation Angle to control the quantity.