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Foshan Aokai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is the most advanced Chinese sausage machine manufacturers, occupy 80% market share of all China. Since 2008, Aokai New Sausage Equipment has been put on the market, immediately taking over most of China's market share and quickly defeating competitors.  


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Market potential of sausage making equipment: demand for meat processing equipment is strong

The consumption of meat products is very huge, and the annual consumption of chicken, pork and fish is increasing year by year. Therefore, the processing of food raw materials has more and more strict standards, efficiency, safety and preservation, and refrigeration and freezing requirements are also getting higher and higher. High-tech is very popular in the field of meat products and has huge market potential. In order to enable consumers to buy safe and secure meat, governments have issued strict standards to protect consumers' rights. At the same time, modern sausage production equipment is becoming more and more popular. Once a new machine breaks through the technical restrictions, it will definitely cause manufacturers to buy crazy. This is the case with our company's sausage making machine. The sausage knotting machine has been recognized and welcomed by the public for its advanced and efficient speed and cost saving advantages. sausage making equipment:sausage knotting machine The success of the sausage knotting machine can be said to be the result of technological innovation in China. Due to the high price of high-end equipment......

Grading of beef

Beef is usually graded according to the degree of muscle development, often divided into four. The muscles are particularly developed, the whole body bones are not prominent, and the subcutaneous fat consists of shoulder blades. As a sausage manufacturer, this is the basic knowledge that must be known. (1) Special meat The entire body is covered with ischial bone, and invisible sarcolemma is allowed on the thigh, and the fatty pattern is apparent on the cross section of the meat. The muscles are well developed and the bones are not exposed. Subcutaneous fat from shoulder to shoulder (2) Excellent meat The ischium covers the entire body, and in the thighs and ribs, invisible sarcolemma is allowed. There are fatty lines on the cut surface. Moderate muscle development, spine, hip and ischial tubercles (3) Excellent secondary meat Insignificantly, the eighth rib nodule was covered with subcutaneous fat on the buttocks, and muscles appeared. There was a small fat layer on the neck, shoulder, ankle, front rib, and back leg. Extensive sarcolemma is allowed. (4) Ordinary muscles have poor muscle development, prominent......

Beef varieties

There are also many beef sausages, so we need to know some basic knowledge of beef. This will better match sausage making machine. Beef is a kind of edible animal meat that Westerners like. In recent years, it has also developed greatly in China, becoming the second largest producer of beef after the United States. The province with the most beef production in China is Henan, followed by Shandong, Hebei, Jilin, Anhui, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Sichuan and Xinjiang. At present, China's most widely distributed beef cattle breeds are mainly cattle, which are raised in all provinces, followed by buffaloes.  1. The breed of beef cattle Cattle in China are the most reared cattle breeds. (1) Cattle With years shows excellent meat properties. They can be roughly divided into Mongolian cattle, North China cattle, and South China cattle. Mongolian cattle are cows in the Inner Mongolia Plateau; North China cattle are divided into northeastern and mountainous regions by region. , Henan, Guanzhong and many other types; South China cattle is mainly two Guangdong and Guangdong cattle. Because of the different natural conditions......